Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Get Kindle ebooks from the library on an Android Smartphone

You can get Kindle ebooks from the library for your Android Smartphone just by installing the Kindle app on your phone.  You will also need to have an Amazon Account.   Amazon does not require a credit card to set up an account or to register your Smartphone.   If you do not have an Amazon account you will need to create one to get the app.   Visit  and follow their directions for creating an account and then go to the app store on your phone to get the Kindle app.  If you already have an Amazon account you will need your Amazon username and password to register the app on your phone.

To get the Kindle app on an Android phone:
1.  Go to Play Store in your Kindle app. 
2.  Tap the search icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
3.  Type Kindle app in the search box.
4.  Tap on the Kindle app from the list of search results.
5.  Tap the Install button.
6.  Tap the Accept and Download button.
7.  Once the app is installed tap the Open button to open the app.  
NOTE:  You will have a screen to enter your Amazon account Username and Password.
Once you have entered these tap the Register this Kindle button.   

NOTE:  Your Kindle app is now up and running.  You will not need to go through these steps in the future.  Once the device is registered the app will open to a book carousel when you tap on it.

Searching for a ebook using SCDL and the Ohio eBook Project:
The Stark County District Library provides ebooks through The Ohio eBook Project  You can get books for your phone by searching for them from a computer and sending them via wifi to your phone, or in some cases you can use the browser on your phone to open the Ohio eBook Project to search for and download Kindle ebooks. 
1.  In order to get library books on your phone using a computer you can open your browser and go directly to   
2.  You will need to be in a wifi area and have the phone wifi turned on in order for your book to be delivered to your phone.
NOTE:  eBooks will not transfer over 3g. 

It is possible to search for and download kindle ebooks on some Android Smartphones.  To search on your phone, open your browser and go to  From the advanced search area of the site you will be able to tell if your phone will search for Kindle ebooks.

 For more information on how to search for and download Kindle ebooks from the library, please visit our Computer Training page at


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