Monday, April 22, 2013

New Layout Options from Ohio eBook Project

Recently the Ohio eBook Project made some changes to how patrons can view their results when they search for items.  Results will initially be shown as only book jackets with author and title below, as has been the case since the major site upgrade around Christmas.

Cover View

But at the top right of the search results, patrons now have two other options for viewing their results--Grid and List.

Grid View is nice for people who have grown accustom to the Cover View, but would like a little more information.  Rather than having four titles across, there are only two, but beside each is placed the beginning of the book summary.  And if the book is part of a series, that information is included as well.

Grid View

One more option is available for those who would prefer to browse results from top to bottom, and that is List View.  Like Grid View, List includes the start of the summary and series information, but it also includes the option to Borrow or Place a Hold on the title directly from the search results rather than clicking on the book jacket first.

List View

Much of the check out procedure remains the same after this point, but now patrons have just a little more flexibility when finding the perfect next read.


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